Adult ADHD Assessments

Adult ADHD Assessments Across Canada

Why Have An Assessment?

  • Suspecting you have ADHD and needing it diagnosed and documented.
  • Updating a previous ADHD diagnosis with new recommendations for treatment.
  • Needing a timely and affordable assessment. Most appointments within weeks.
  • Requiring official documentation of ADHD diagnosis and treatment.
  • Applying for Disability Tax Credit.
  • Applying for Student Aid/School Accommodation.
  • Improving Work Accommodation.

Adult ADHD Centre Assessments

  • Timely Assessments
  • Clinical interview by secure video from anywhere in Canada.
  • ADHD Consultant-Nurse Practitioner conducts an assessment.
  • Detailed medical consultation report emailed right to you.
  • Consultation report signed by the Medical Director, Educational Director, and ADHD Consultant- Nurse Practitioner.
  • Access to a 30-minute sleep consultation and a personalized sleep plan.
  • Fully refundable.
  • Adult ADHD Centre Compassion Program, fee waived. To qualify you must be a Canadian resident, experiencing financial hardship and referred by a healthcare provider. Request a referral form at [email protected]

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