Adult ADHD Assessments

Most Affordable ADHD Assessment From Anywhere In Canada

As a visionary leader in Adult ADHD care for almost a decade, we have transformed ADHD assessments and support, taking the lead in advancing the landscape of ADHD care. Dr. Parhar, our committed Medical Director, distinguishes us by actively engaging in education, advocacy, and research.
Our national representations spans , healthcare, ADHD conferences, and public engagement, reflecting our tireless dedication to advancing ADHD knowledge. Our partnership with the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada reinforces our commitment to education.
Rely on our extensive experience, led by Dr. Parhar, who actively treats individuals with ADHD.

Why Have An Assessment?

  • Suspecting you have ADHD and needing it diagnosed and documented.
  • Updating a previous ADHD diagnosis with new recommendations for treatment.
  • Needing a timely and affordable assessment. Most appointments within weeks.
  • Requiring official documentation of ADHD diagnosis and treatment.
  • Applying for Disability Tax Credit.
  • Applying for Student Aid/School Accommodation.
  • Improving Work Accommodation.

Adult ADHD Assessments Centre

  • Timely Assessments
  • Clinical interview by secure video from anywhere in Canada.
  • ADHD Consultant-Nurse Practitioner conducts an assessment.
  • Detailed medical consultation report emailed right to you.
  • Consultation report signed by the Medical Director, Educational Director, and ADHD Consultant- Nurse Practitioner.
  • Access to a 30-minute sleep consultation and a personalized sleep plan.
  • Fully refundable.
  • Adult ADHD Centre Compassion Program, assessment fee waived (registration fee required). To qualify you must be a Canadian resident, experiencing financial hardship and referred by a healthcare provider. Request a referral form at [email protected]

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