About the Centre

The Adult ADHD Centre is dedicated to the assessment and management of adults with ADHD. Over 15,000 adult patients have been assessed and treated at the ADHD Centre making it one of the leading Adult ADHD Centres in Canada.  

Dr. Anita Parhar, initially as an elementary school teacher and later as a university instructor who trained teachers, recognized that there was a great need for the diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD.  Children, who were not diagnosed or not treated for their ADHD, had become adults with ADHD. Dr. Parhar has extensive experience in understanding the educational and work struggles of patients with ADHD.

Dr. Gurdeep Parhar, whose practice for the past three decades focused on patients with physical, psychological and cognitive disabilities realized that there were few resources and supports for his adult patients with ADHD. Dr. Parhar has certification in occupational medicine, disability medicine and specialized in assessing and managing adult patients with ADHD.

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The Adult ADHD Centre provides private assessments and public funded assessments to Canadian adults who are 18 years and older.

Dr. Gurdeep and Anita Parhar identified a gap in patient care for adults with ADHD and were impassioned to establish a leading ADHD Centre that provided accessible and affordable Adult ADHD Assessments. We are also highly engaged in ADHD education for the public and healthcare providers.