Women’s Resources

Welcome to the ADHD Resources for Women.

​Here you will find a variety of content to support you along your ADHD discovery journey. 

Adult women are equally affected by ADHD. Often they have not been diagnosed in childhood due to inherent gender biases, misunderstandings and misconceptions of ADHD. Also, historically, women have been under-researched in clinical trials.

ADHD may be revealed during major life events; for women it may be career advancement, beginning or separating from a family, during menses and menopause.

Some of the ways ADHD might show up in a women’s life:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by sounds and in spaces where others seem to be managing
  • Starting the day determined to stay focused but getting lost in the details
  • Zoning out or not seeming to listen during conversations
  • Avoiding entertaining due to your house being messy
  • Experiencing feedback more intensely or personally than others
  • When younger categorized as “daydreamy” or “socializes too much”
  • Struggling to stay organized and finding the messiness of everyday life too stressful to cope
  • Feeling like you must work ten times as hard as your peers to achieve the same results
  • Feeling as though you are not living up to your potential
  • Having symptoms of depressed mood and anxiety
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