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Assessment Process


Getting Started

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Receive Assessment Tool

Within 48 hours an ADHD assessment tool will be emailed to you.


Return Completed Assessment

You will return the completed assessment tool by email or fax.


Telemedicine Appointment

Expect your clinical interview appointment date with an ADHD Consultant about two weeks after returning your completed forms.


Attend Clinical Interview

Our ADHD Consultant will assess you through a video appointment from anywhere in Canada. We will review your completed assessment tool and talk to you about diagnosis, non-medication and medication management options.


Report Preparation

Your consultation report will be reviewed by our ADHD Team of healthcare professionals.


Receive Report Within 4 Weeks

You will receive your consultation report by email within 4 weeks. The report includes clinical diagnosis, accommodations for work/school/home, non-medication and medication management recommendations.


Next Steps

You can share the ADHD consultation report with your family physician/nurse practitioner to start treatment. The report serves as an official medical documentation of ADHD diagnosis and recommendations.

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Adult ADHD Assessment for $300

Additional Assessment Details

Assessment Tool.
The assessment tool is consistent with the DSMV criteria and includes assessment of symptoms and impairments associated with ADHD and common co-existing conditions.

Receive telemedicine appointment.
You will receive an appointment after you return the assessment tool by email. Once we receive your completed assessment tool, The Adult ADHD Centre will email you a telemedicine clinical interview appointment date within two weeks.

Attend clinical interview.
Interview conducted by an ADHD Consultant who will discuss with you the completed ADHD assessment tool, education, diagnosis, non-medication and medication management recommendations.

Report preparation.
Subsequent follow up or supporting documentation may be requested. Report written and reviewed by ADHD Team of healthcare professionals.

Report emailed to you.
The report will be emailed directly to you within 4 weeks. The report includes clinical diagnosis, accommodations for work/school/home, non-medication and medication management recommendations.