Coaching is a method of finding the best way to achieve set goals. The coach does not say how to achieve the success but asks questions through which the client finds themselves the solution. A coach works with the client to help the client achieve their personal best and produce the results they want in their personal or professional lives. In Canada, coaching is not a regulated profession. It is important that you research coach training and any subset specialties. Most coaches will offer a complementary introductory session where you discover if there is a connection and fit.

ADHD Coaches

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The Adult ADHD Centre does not work or screen any coach or coaching group, the below list does not represent all the available coaching options and is not listed in order of importance. It is important for you to research and pick a coach that is best for you.

Coaching associations listings:

ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)

Accredited ADHD & Life Coach Training Program (ADDCA)


ADDvocacy Ltd.(virtual platform)
ADHD/Executive Function Coaching and Academic Coaching. Specializing in coaching neurodivergent youth and adults.Support students to access grant funding.

ADHD Joy (virtual platform)
Adult, family, and youth ADHD Coaching.

Barb Williams (virtual platform)
Accredited ADHD/Executive Function Coach. Globally coaches adult, couple, parent and professional clients.

Cartwheel Culture (virtual platform)
Providing ADHD Coaching to women.

Deborah Miller (virtual platform)
psychology today profile
Experience in career, leadership, and life coaching for adults and post-secondary students who may or may not be diagnosed with ADHD.

Divergent Coaching (virtual platform)
Personal coaching for adult leaders, life and ADHD, by certified coaches with their own lived ADHD experience.

Empower You ADHD Coaching (virtual platform)
Fully certified ADHD & Life Coaching.

Focus ADHD Coaching (virtual platform)
Adults from 18-80, post-secondary students with ADHD, and workplace accommodations coaching.

Fresh Start Coaching, Sue Williams Brawn (Virtual)
ADHD Coach specializing in professional and personal development.

Green Door Life Coaching (virtual platform)
Adult ADHD Coaching, with a special interest in Queer and Autistic people.

Impactyou Coaching (virtual )
Carla Brown-John MBA, CEC, ACC, Adult ADHD Coach -executives, leaders, change makers, and individuals.

Jonathan French ADHD Coaching (virtual )
Adult ADHD Coach -student coaching.

MyLearningCoach Educational Solutions (virtual )
Post Secondary students academic coaching, strategy instruction/tutoring. Support students to access grant funding.

NL Coach (virtual Platform)
Master certified ADHD coach with fourteen years experience. Specialty in mindfulness. Coaching in French, English and Arabic.

Shimmer ADHD Coaching (Virtual)
#1 ADHD Coaching app for adults; weekly video/audio sessions.

The ADHD Company (In person or virtual, Barrie, Ont)
Coaching to help people with ADHD move past the struggle and achieve success in their lives.