Strategies to Succeed at Work

Adults with ADHD often self-select careers using the advantageous traits of their ADHD to succeed, however, often at least one of their ADHD traits will negatively impact and aspect of the job or with colleague/supervisor interpersonal relationships. It is important to be aware of the areas ADHD impacts your work in order to develop better ways to support yourself for success.


  • Choose a quiet work area away from other people
  • Avoid “open workspace” designs and choose an office in which the door can be closed
  • Position yourself away from distractions such as televisions, windows, kitchen, games and personal devices
  • Use noise reduction headset if surrounding noise is distracting
  • Ergonomically optimize the workstation so that the chair, desk and computer are all at the correct height and position
  • Remove clutter and unnecessary items from the work area

Work Organization

  • Break big projects into smaller tasks
  • Organize multiple shorter meetings, rather than a single long meeting
  • Try to keep meetings 45 minutes in duration or less
  • Request weekly, if not daily, informal verbal feedback from supervisors
  • Prioritize work items and set daily, weekly, monthly goals
  • Use white boards, apps, spreadsheets, lists and project management software to stay organized
  • Use warnings/alarm reminders prior to meetings or when switching tasks
  • Paperwork/wrapping up projects can be challenging. When possible delegate, streamline or use incentives to complete the final mundane details