ADHD Tests for Adults

While there is no ADHD test for adults, an ADHD diagnosis can be made by a nurse practitioner, psychologist, family physician, or psychiatrist using assessment tools and conducting a clinical assessment interview.  You may want to consider an ADHD diagnosis if:

  • You suspect you might have ADHD and want to verify it,
  • You were previously diagnosed with ADHD but need further clarification or confirmation,
  • You are seeking updated management recommendations for your ADHD,
  • You require official medical documentation regarding your ADHD diagnosis and recommendations.

What are the types of Assessments in Canada?

An Adult ADHD diagnosis can be made by either a medical assessment or psychological/psychoeducational assessment. These two assessment approaches are different in who facilitates them, the assessment process, and the cost.

Medical Assessment

Individuals’ complete assessment tools and undergo a clinical interview. This evaluation is administered by medical professionals such as physicians, psychiatrists,  or nurse practitioners. These medical practitioners can provide a diagnosis as well as recommend and prescribe medication as part of the ADHD management strategies.

Psychological/Psychoeducational Assessments

These evaluations explore cognitive abilities, academic skills, and socio-emotional functioning to diagnose learning difficulties and are conducted by a psychologist. Within this assessment, ADHD may be a component among other assessments. These assessments typically take 1-2 days and can cost thousands of dollars. Psychologists cannot recommend or prescribe medication as part of a management strategy.

It is important that you identify a process that best aligns with your needs and resources. 

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