Dr. Anita Parhar

Dr. Anita Parhar is the Educational Director of the Adult ADHD Centre.

She is a graduate of the Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Education, UBC, where she was an instructor for over 15 years, teaching in the programs of Teacher Education and Masters of Educational Administration. Her interests included exploring how Canadian educational practices of families, communities, and schools influence, and are influenced by, social issues — diversity, multiculturalism, and racism — and historical, socio-economic, and political factors.

Dr. Anita Parhar was also an honorary lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine where her teaching and research interests involved examining critical issues in health care for marginalized populations, from a social justice and health equity perspective.  She also served on the Social Responsibility and Accountability Working Group for the MD Undergraduate Program.

Additionally, Dr. Anita Parhar was the co-host of “Pearls for Success,” a weekly television program which targeted the well-being of new Canadians, specifically in the areas of health, education, finance, and law.

Dr. Anita Parhar frequently provides presentations to future health care providers and educators on the issues of social justice and professionalism.